How to Support Kelly Mulry

There are two types of ways you can support Kelly Mulry: monetary OR free. Depending on your finances, one of them or both of them may be possible.


Free Ways to Support Kelly Mulry

- share links to and all the different subdomains on your social media pages

- if you read something on TrainerKelly's Network that you like, SHARE IT!

- them...if you would like to

- draw fan art of Kelly Mulry's characters

- write fanfiction of Kelly Mulry's worlds

- give Kelly Mulry credit when using their works by linking back to their website, giving people a chance to check out more content


Ways to Support Kelly Mulry Using Money

- become a patron on Patreon

- purchase from Kelly Mulry's online shop

- if you are attending a convention that Kelly Mulry is, then purchase something from their booth

- donate to KM's GoFundMe campaign, if you feel so inclined


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