All Stories, up to 17+, is linked here. They are organized by world in alphabetical order, then alphabetical order by title. If you need to limit your exploration to series appropiate to the age groups of 12 and under, please visit the Youth section of TrainerKelly's Network!


Disclaimer: the age rating are subjective. If you are a parent, please review the content before your child goes ahead and read them. I am NOT responsible for them looking at content inappropiate for their age! Thank you.



(C) = Comic | (SS) = Short Story | (Year) = Start Date | (Age Rating) = Age Rating




(C) Fairy Glimpse (2016) (8+) - AVAILABLE ON INSTAGRAM & PATREON



(C) Make Me a Model (2016) (12+) - available on PATREON, WEBSITE, DEVIANTART, TUMBLR, & PAIGEEWORLD



(C) Naitmarish Glimpse (2016) (8+) - AVAILABLE ON INSTAGRAM & PATREON



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